Apr 042020

That would be Clipperz.

Free. Open source; source code available on github. The developer knows nothing about you, not even your email address. All you need is a username and master password. Don’t lose that; the developer can’t help you. It is essentially a zero-knowledge database; your passwords are decrypted in your browser.

Use pretty much on any device as long as you have web access. Bit of a learning curve. But many neat features. Store attached files as well as passwords. You can do this as well at Fidelity Investments’ free fidsafe password manager and document storage site. But Fidelity knows your personal details, including your email address. Not so Clipperz.

Clipperz features a great password generator. Mine are typically 24 or more characters of gibberish. Example: 4cPaJ$MkJrAfmZ_KbJ&Y33dG9Z. Try guessing that one. Click on a password — cloaked or otherwise on your screen — and it is copied to the clipboard for use in copy and paste*.

Download an offline copy for backup or for the extremely rare occasion where the clipperz server in Italy is down. Same protection from hackers.

I’ve been using this password manager for more than a decade without so much as a hiccup. I have nearly 500 sets of credentials stored. Easy to find with tags and search. Clipperz has a forum where issues are discussed and questions answered, usually promptly.

There are a great many things in life I don’t understand. Why this free, secure and open-source password manager gets so little attention is one of them.

By the way, if you see weaknesses in this password manager, please advise. And let the developer know via the forum.

*I’m also partial to a specific clipboard manager, clipangel, Windows only.

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