Jun 182012

The economic headlines are grim almost everywhere you look. An item on Page 1 of today’s Financial Times sums things up succinctly: Growth in the US is slowing, much of Europe is in recession, China’s growth outlook has weakened, the reform processes in India have stalled and other large emerging [continue reading . . . ]

Jun 072012

My life-long love affair with newspapers and with newsprint dates from my childhood. My mother and I used to walk from my parents’ apartment in Brown’s Addition to downtown Spokane. Along Monroe Street, I could peer into the street-level press room of Spokane’s newspapers, the Spokesman-Review and Daily Chronicle. As [continue reading . . . ]

Jun 052012

Martin Wolf, much-honored chief economics commentator of the Financial Times, has been my beacon during the financial crisis. So it is especially discouraging to read his June 6, 2012, column, headlined “Panic has become all too rational”. Wolf argues that the advanced economies are caught in a “contained depression,” that [continue reading . . . ]