Aug 282012
KUOW: Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services

Subjects addressed during my stint on KUOW’s Weekday program Aug. 29: The Qantas cancellation of Boeing 787 orders is a reminder that despite long lead times — years between orders and deliveries — Boeing is subject to short-term swings in the global economy. The decision says more about Qantas than [continue reading . . . ]

Aug 182012
Too many Canadians?

That’s the headline on Page 1 of the Seattle Times today. The article reports that some residents of the Bellingham area, an easy drive from the Canadian border, are grumbling that Canadian shoppers are overcrowding the parking lots of Costco Wholesale¬†and other box stores on the U.S. side of the [continue reading . . . ]

Aug 082012

Things on my mind as I prepare for my every-third-week appearance on KUOW‘s Weekday program Aug. 8: 1. Knight Capital Group (KCG). All investors ought to be concerned that a highly regarded Wall Street firm either didn’t have or (more likely) failed to hit the “kill switch” on an “algo” [continue reading . . . ]

Aug 072012

Back when it was published every other week, I used to treasure Fortune magazine. I looked forward to the iconic annual list of the largest companies. I loved Fortune’s deeply analytical long-form journalism on industries, companies and long-term economic trends. To cite just one example of excellence, more than any [continue reading . . . ]