Mar 202020

Hat tip to Janan Ganesh, the U.S. political editor of the Financial Times, for advancing the idea that the Bernie Sanders worldview has essentially triumphed despite the senator’s loss to Joe Biden in the primaries. In a column that appeared in the March 19 edition of the salmon-colored broadsheet based [continue reading . . . ]

Mar 192020

Thoughts on sheltering in place from Donald G. McNeil Jr., the New York Times reporter who has been covering epidemics for two decades: It’s very, very inconvenient. It destroys your vacation plans. My niece’s wedding is off. People are heartbroken over this, but it beats being dead, or having somebody [continue reading . . . ]

Jan 182019

Will we live in a unipolar world dominated by China in 20 or 30 years? Not likely, says Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs. Writing in the Financial Times, Sachs notes that China’s economy, already larger than that of the U.S. measured at international prices (what is called purchasing-power parity), will [continue reading . . . ]

Feb 222018

Don’t miss Greg Ip’s column in the Wall Street Journal Feb. 22, 2018, on increasing oil production in the United States and its implications. The article is behind a paywall. If you are not a subscriber (as I have been for 50 years), your library card might do the trick. [continue reading . . . ]

Feb 122017

Don’t miss the excellent piece on the importance of immigrants to Silicon Valley in the New York Times February 9, 2017. Some highlights: “Silicon Valley is unlikely, as a phenomenon — it is not the default state of the world,” said John Collison, an immigrant from Ireland who is a [continue reading . . . ]

Jan 142017
Where the money is

When it comes to median household income, tech powerhouses, especially in California, and suburbs of Washington, D.C., tend to dominate the top lists. Among cities with more than 65,000 population, Palo Alto ranked No. 1 in 2015 (latest data) at almost $148,000. Half of households in Palo Alto had higher income [continue reading . . . ]