Apr 132011

I’m nuts about newspapers. Always have been. I still crave the real thing, newsprint. Of the four newspapers that I read every day, I find the Financial Times by far the most interesting. It is full of commentary — on markets, especially on politics and economics. I never fail to find something fascinating and informative. Here’s an example from today’s edition:

Costs in China are rising, in part because of factory workers’ demands for higher wages. Also, faced with a need to become more competitive, manufacturers in high-cost nations have pushed up productivity by investing in new labour-saving machinery, for example. “In a few years’ time [says Hal Sirkin, a Chicago consultant] it will no longer be necessary in a broad cross section of industries for companies in the US to outsource production [of goods to be sold domestically] to China. They will find their costs are no higher if they do the manufacturing at home.”

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